Thursday, May 1, 2008

Global Online Freedom

The ‘Global Online Freedom Act’ (H.R. 275) received renewed attention after Rep. Chris Smith met with Reporters Without Borders to lobby for passage of the bill. It is supported by over a dozen human rights groups—including Reporters Without Borders, Human Rights Watch, and Amnesty International—and would make it illegal for US companies to release personal information on their users to countries that restrict internet access and use. Smith is attempting to get the bill on the House floor prior to Congress’ summer recess. Smith, along with a number of human rights organizations, has also used the bill to bring attention to China’s human rights abuses, and proposed that passage of this legislation will help prevent China from jailing human rights and pro-democracy activists.

We encourage you to comment on this post. What are the possible political and economic implications of this bill? What can social scientists do to encourage China to improve its human rights record?

Wired Blog Article: Ahead of Olympics, Congressman Pushes ‘Global Online Freedom Act’